Indonesian autorities raised to 15 Saturday the number of deaths caused this week by flooding across extensive areas of Jakarta, the nation's capital.

The spokesman for the metropolitan police, Rikwanto, told a press conference that over the past 24 hours emergency management teams found another four bodies in different parts of the city.

The floods, which grew worse on Tuesday, also forced 18,000 people to evacuate their homes, according to Indonesia's emergency management agency.

Authorities have readied several mosques, hospitals and public buildings around the city to provide temporary shelter for those driven from their homes by the floods, which according Civil Protection have subsided in most neighborhoods.

Jakarta Gov. Joko Widodo decreed a state of emergency in the city until next Jan. 27, though the international airport is functioning normally.

Every year floods and mudslides strike Indonesia during the rainy season, at its most intense between December and February. EFE