Two drug kingpins operating from the Colombian island of San Andres were captured in Honduras and Panama, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said Saturday.

"I wish to congratulate the police, because I've just been informed that they captured two drug traffickers we've been after for a long time," Santos told reporters during a meeting of politicans and the people of Padilla in the southwestern province of Cauca.

"The gang of drug traffickers that has been the scourge of San Andres has been dismantled," Santos said, adding that he learned the news from the director of the Colombian National Police, Gen. Jose Roberto Leon Riaño.

The Colombian president said that the two under arrest were known as "los niños" (the boys), but did not mention whether they would be brought back to Colombia.

In Honduras, the spokesman for the federal Attorney General's Office, Carlos Vallecillo, told Efe briefly that security forces detained the reputed Colombian drug trafficker Amaury Smith Pomare, alias "el Mello," on the Caribbean side of the country, during an operation in which weapons and jewels were also seized.

Pomare, who together with his twin brother Mario headed a drug-trafficking outfit that operates from the island of San Andres, Colombia, was arrested Saturday in a raid on a luxury residence in the Caribbean port city of La Ceiba.

Meanwhile, Amaury's brother Mario Smith Pomare was nabbed in Panama, local media said.

The island of San Andres has long been used by drug traffickers as a point of departure for drug shipments to Central America and the United States.

They generally transport their goods in speedboats capable of being refueled on the high seas. EFE