Boeing said it will not deliver any more units of its 787 Dreamliner until U.S. aviation authorities certify that the company has solved the battery problems that forced these aircraft to suspend operations worldwide.

Production of the 787 continues, a company spokesperson said Friday, while giving assurances that no 787 will be delivered until the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, acknowledges that its recent directive about the batteries has been complied with and that the approved solution has been implemented.

At the same time the U.S. aircraft manufacturer confirmed that it will continue producing the airliner but will not make any further deliveries until the FAA certifies that its problems have been resolved.

The 49 units of the 787 Dreamliner that Boeing has already delivered to airlines of the United States, Japan and Europe are grounded until the cause of the six technical problems found over the past two weeks is discovered.

The latest incident occurred Wednesday, when a 787 of the Japanese airline ANA had to make an emergency landing due to a lithium-ion battery fire. EFE