U.S. Border Patrol agents rescued two women belonging to a group of volunteers who carry water for undocumented immigrants who run into trouble in the desert along Arizona's border with Mexico, authorities said Tuesday.

The volunteers had mechanical problems with their vehicle and so they activated the GPS device that one of them had with her to call for help, the Border Patrol for the Tucson sector said in a press communique.

Two agents from the Nogales station found the women after receiving a telephone call from one of their husbands who gave the Border Patrol their location coordinates.

The women were shivering in sub-freezing temperatures when they were found last Friday night.

The agents managed to get the women's car started, and they continued to Interstate 19. Neither of the pair required medical attention.

The Samaritans are a group of volunteers who patrol the Arizona desert to provide water, food and medical assistance to undocumented immigrants who enter the United States by that route.

The Tucson sector includes 90 percent of the Arizona-Mexico border and, according to the federal government, is one of the main crossing corridors for undocumented immigrants and drug smuggling. EFE