A man who was apparently drunk opened fire on his children, killing one of his sons and wounding two of his daughters in a rural town in northern Guatemala, police said.

Rolando Can entered his residence early Saturday and opened fire on his sleeping children for unknown reasons, a National Civilian Police, or PNC, spokesman in the northern city of Coban told reporters.

The 53-year-old man killed his eldest son, Oscar Can Gonzalez, 23, and wounded his daughters Desy Liseth Can Gonzalez, 16, and Ericka Beatriz Can Gonzalez, 20, who are listed in serious condition at a public hospital, the PNC spokesman said.

The shooting occurred in Cecilinda, a village outside the city of San Juan Chamelco in Alta Verapaz province, located about 270 kilometers (168 miles) north of Guatemala City.

Can was arrested and charged with homicide. EFE