Five people were killed when a minibus collided head-on with a tanker truck in Bolivia's La Paz province, the fire department said.

The accident occurred on Saturday about five kilometers (3.1 miles) from the Rio Seco area on the highway that goes to Desaguadero, a town on the border between Bolivia and Peru, the Fides news agency said.

The people aboard the minibus were heading to a party in the town of Guaqui, emergency services officials said.

The government has been trying for years to reduce the number of traffic accidents in Bolivia.

President Evo Morales's administration enacted a law in January 2010 that cracked down on bus drivers caught working drunk, inexperienced drivers and drivers who work excessive hours.

The law's goal is to reduce accidents, which kill an average of 1,000 people and injure about 40,000 others annually in this Andean nation, according to International Automobile Federation figures. EFE