At least 30 people died and another 13 were injured Saturday when the bus they were traveling in plunged down a 200-meter (650-foot) precipice in western Nepal, a police official told Efe.

"The bus seems to have hit a column on the side of the road and spun out of control," Ramesh Bahadur Dhanuk, the police official for the area where the accident occurred, told Efe.

He said the specific causes of the accident are being investigated, adding that the injured, eight of whom are in grave condition, were taken to medical centers in the area.

The vehicle went down the cliff shortly after midnight in the Doti district, located some 600 kilometers (375 miles) west of the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu.

The fatalities, among whom were at least one child and seven women, died in the act, police said.

Bus accidents are frequent in Nepal, where only 5,000 of the 17,000 kilometers of its highways are asphalted, while the rest are laid with stones.

The poor mechanical state of passenger transport vehicles plus the recklessness of their drivers further contribute to a heightened risk of accidents.

Two weeks ago, 15 people died and 31 were injured after their bus crashed and fell into a river, also in western Nepal. EFE