Angel Carromero, who was sent home to Spain from Cuba to serve the rest of a four-year sentence for vehicular manslaughter on the island, walked out of a prison here Friday after authorities agreed to grant him open-regime status.

Carromero immediately got into a car with two friends who came to take him to his residence in Madrid.

Under open-regime detention, prisoners can enjoy privileges such as daytime work release and weekend furloughs.

Carromero, an activist with Spain's governing conservative Popular Party and an employee of the Madrid municipal government, was convicted and sentenced in Cuba for a July 2012 car accident in which prominent Cuban dissident Osvaldo Paya and another government opponent were killed.

The vehicle, with Carromero at the wheel, ran off the road and crashed near Bayamo, about 800 kilometers (500 miles) east of Havana.

Cuban authorities said the car was going 120 kph (nearly 75 mph) along a stretch of highway where the speed limit was 60 kph (around 37 mph).

Carromero was sent back to Spain on Dec. 29 under a bilateral accord on repatriation of prisoners.

The Madrid municipal government said earlier that Carromero would be welcome to return to work if he were granted open-regime status. EFE