Passengers on a Quantas jetliner began to worry during the flight when they noticed a 3-meter-long (10-foot-long) python going along for the ride, the Australian press reported Friday.

The surprising circumstance occurred Thursday on a flight between Cairns and Port Moresby, capital of Papua New Guinea, and was watched with astonished interest by both passengers and crew.

As some travelers told the Sydney Morning Herald, a passenger notified the crew that there was a snake on one of the aircraft's wings after the plane had been in the air for half an hour.

The snake clung to the wing despite the powerful winds and cold weather, and according to one of the passengers, it managed to find a shelter of sorts by writhing up against the airliner's fuselage. It was still moving when the plane landed, said Robert Weber, a passenger who filmed it all.

Unfortunately, a Quantas spokesperson said that when the snake was taken off the airplane wing it was no longer alive. EFE