Multiple bomb attacks Thursday in the southwestern city of Quetta left 67 people dead and more than 185 injured, a Pakistani police official told Efe.

The first bombing targeted a checkpoint in Bachcha Khan square, where two members of the security forces and 10 civilians were killed and a score of other people suffered injuries.

A pair of blasts five hours later resulted in at least 55 deaths.

Fatalities included a television cameraman, police officers and other emergency personnel, while more than 165 people were wounded.

The early evening attack involved two remote-controlled devices that were detonated about 10 minutes apart on the highway leading to the airport, the police official said.

The second bomb went off as the media, police and other first responders arrived at the scene of the initial explosion.

Quetta is the capital of Baluchistan, Pakistan's largest and least-populated province as well as one of the country's poorest areas, despite the presence of natural gas and minerals.

Baluchistan was also the region that suffered most from terrorism in 2012, with 631 people killed in 474 separate incidents, according to figures from the Pakistan Institute of Peace Studies.

The attacks were attributed to various Baluchi separatist factions and to Taliban elements hiding out in the province. EFE