The annual Consumer Electronics Show opened its doors in Las Vegas with a dazzling display of state-of-the-art televisions and evidence that the digital revolution has reached the kitchen.

Beyond the war of screen size and picture clarity in which companies like Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sharp are immersed, where the size of TV screens seems to have no upper limit thanks to demand pressure, it is the small things that are bringing freshness to the event.

Swedish firm Tobii presented the first market device to detect the eye movements of computer users and allow them to move the cursor with their glance alone.

The Tobii Rex, which is the size of your hand and connects to a computer via a standard USB port, was created for Windows 8 and will hit store shelves at the end of this year.

Although it is possible to operate all the software merely with your eyes, that system "is not very efficient for the average user" and it is "faster" if it is used "in combination with other keys," Tobii's Sara Hyleen told Efe.

Among the more psychedelic items at the CES is PSiO, an audiovisual stimulation device the Swedish creators of which say has a hypnotic ability. It consists of eyeglasses that emit sequences of colored light and earphones to create both visual and sound isolation for the user.

The system went on sale this month for $349 and provides both relaxation and activation therapy. EFE