The Camisea consortium developing Peru's largest natural gas fields said it paid royalties to the government exceeding $1.16 billion in 2012.

The Cuzco region, where the Camisea reserves are located, received half of that total - or around $581 million - last year, the consortium said in a statement Tuesday, adding that since operations began in 2004 royalty payments have totaled some $4.89 billion.

Argentina's Pluspetrol, which leads the Camisea consortium, said royalties amounted to $109.1 million in December.

The Camisea fields hold some of the largest gas reserves in Latin America with proven reserves totaling some 8.7 trillion cubic feet.

The Camisea consortium is made up of Spain's Repsol, Argentina's Pluspetrol and Tecpetrol, U.S. company Hunt Oil, South Korea's SK Energy and Algeria's Sonatrach. EFE