SuperXclusivo, the most-watched show on Puerto Rican television, will no longer be broadcast after a boycott staged in response to comments by host Kobbo Santarrosa that appeared to blame a murder victim for his own death, Primera Hora daily said Wednesday.

Santarrosa on Tuesday presented his resignation after refusing to accept the new terms established by WAPA TV management that obligated him to tape his show in advance, the newspaper said.

The station also wanted to reduce Santarrosa's pay to reflect the loss of advertisers due to the boycott.

The boycott organizers, who have 70,000 followers on Facebook, managed to get at least 10 companies to withdraw their advertising support from SuperXclusivo as a result of Santarrosa's comments about the murder of advertising executive Jose Enrique Gomez Saladin.

The Nov. 30 murder of Gomez Saladin in suburban San Juan stunned Puerto Rican society and popular horror over the crime grew as it emerged that his assailants beat him to death with metal pipes after forcing him to withdraw $500 from an Automatic Teller Machine.

Santarrosa, speaking through a puppet called La Comay, suggested the 32-year-old advertising executive was at least partly to blame for his death because he picked up passengers while driving through a seedy area.

"My question is what was Jose Enrique Gomez Saladin doing in Padial Street, a focal point of homosexuality and prostitution," Santarrosa said. EFE