The unemployment rate in the eurozone climbed one-tenth of a percentage point to 11.8 percent in November relative to the previous month, while the jobless rate in the European Union remained unchanged at 10.7 percent, the EU's statistics' agency said Tuesday.

The new data means that unemployment reached a new record high for countries of the euro area, while for the entire group of 27 EU member-states joblessness remained at the highest level since the rate began to be calculated on a European-wide basis.

Unemployment in Spain stood at 26.6 percent in November, four-tenths of a percentage point more than in October, and remained the highest in Europe.

Some 26.06 million people were unemployed across the European Union in November, 18.8 million of whom live in eurozone countries, according to Eurostat estimates.

Compared with October, unemployment rose by 154,000 people in the EU and by 113,000 in the eurozone.

Among EU member-states with available data, the highest unemployment rates were seen in Spain (26.6 percent) and Greece (26 percent, based on September figures).

The lowest jobless rates were observed in Austria (4.5 percent), Luxembourg (5.1 percent), Germany (5.4 percent) and the Netherlands (5.6 percent).

Eurostat said that in both the eurozone and the EU as a whole unemployment rates rose substantially relative to November 2011, when they came in at 10.6 percent and 10 percent, respectively. EFE