A group of students from the state University of San Carlos set fire to a public bus Monday in protest against the educational overhaul approved by the Guatemalan government and set to take effect in the coming days.

No one was hurt in the incident.

A police spokesperson told reporters that a group of "supposed university students, who covered their faces with ski masks, hijacked a bus and set it on fire" outside the San Marcos campus.

After leaving the bus in flames, the protesters spread out across the campus and, according to media accounts, warned that protests like this will continue until authorities cancel the educational reform, which includes the extension of the degree program for primary teachers from three to five years.

Meanwhile at the petition of the Education Ministry, dozens of police have kept watch since Sunday on the main state-supported universities that offer teacher training, to prevent students who oppose the measure from occupying their premises to block the start of classes, scheduled for Jan. 15. EFE