Pope Benedict XVI said Sunday that the Three Kings symbolize the search throughout history for God.

"The Magi represent the people - we can even say the civilizations, the cultures, the religions - that are, so to speak, on the path to God, in search of his reign of peace, of justice, of truth, and of liberty," the pope said.

After celebrating the Mass of the Feast of the Epiphany, during which four new bishops were appointed, the pope appeared at the window of his quarters in the Apostolic Palace and prayed the Angelus before thousands of the faithful.

"Today we celebrate above all the Epiphany of the Lord, His manifestation to the people; while numerous Oriental Churches celebrate Christmas, in accordance with the Julian calendar," the pope said.

Benedict XVI referred to "Mary, the daughter of Zion: a nucleus of Israel, the people that know and have faith in that God that was revealed to the Patriarchs and in the passage of history."

The pope said this faith is embodied in Mary, "blessed because she has believed, the Word was made flesh, God has appeared in the world."

The pontiff greeted the faithful in seven languages after the Angelus. EFE