At least eight people were killed and four others wounded in attacks by gunmen on two bars in Torreon, a city in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila, the state police said Sunday.

Gunmen opened fire Saturday night on two men sitting in the Futuro bar.

Raul Ontiveros Salazar, 45, and Jose Miguel Sanchez, 22, died in the attack, the state police said.

A group of gunmen attacked people at the Tornado bar, located on one of the city's main streets, shortly after midnight.

Six people died in the attack, the Coahuila state police said.

Three of the victims, Jose Antonio Valdez Martinez, 25, Luis Daniel Lugo Sanchez, 25, and Rene Alejandro Berumen, 36, were identified by police, but the other three victims have not been identified.

Municipal and state police officers cordoned off the areas around the two bars.

Five bars in Torreon have been attacked by gunmen working for drug cartels in the past week. EFE