The number of insurgents killed in a New Year's Eve attack on a FARC rebel camp in the northwestern province of Antioquia stands at 14, Colombian authorities said Wednesday.

Only two of the guerrillas present in the camp when the assault began survived, the head of the national police, Gen. Jose Roberto Leon, told a press conference in the capital.

He identified one of the survivors as Maria Elda Ramirez, second-in-command of the 5th Front of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.

Police intercepted a message in which the wounded Ramirez related that she and the other surviving guerrilla were in bad shape and had no way out, Leon said.

Authorities blame Ramirez's unit for a March 2009 bombing and a 2005 attack that left 19 soldiers dead.

Besides killing the 14 insurgents, police and troops seized 13 assault rifles, other war materiel, food and documents, Leon said.

President Juan Manuel Santos' government and the FARC embarked in October on a peace process aimed at ending Colombia's decades-long internal conflict.

The third round of talks is set to begin Jan. 14 in Havana. EFE