Cuba's only legal trade union, the CTC, called Monday for "unity, commitment and creativity" to meet the nation's economic goals in 2013.

The union "will continue to perfect economic planning," the CTC said in a communique published in the weekly Trabajadores.

It also forecast that, in 2013, financial and credit policies will be implemented that not only benefit companies but individuals as well.

The CTC said that in the coming year experiments in selected state business organizations will be put into practice, aimed at providing them with all the autonomy and authority they need in their economic and financial management.

It also said that cooperatives will be created experimentally outside the agricultural sector, a new development on the Communist-ruled island.

The new measure becomes part of President Raul Castro's plan of reforms to "modernize" the island's socialist model.

In general, the CTC predicts that progress will be made in the way work is organized, as well as in the design and control of payment systems based on performance, which will effectively spur an increase in output and productivity while boosting workers' wages. EFE