Colombian emergency rescue workers found the body of another person killed in the mudslide that cascaded onto a rural road in the southern part of the country last weekend, bringing the confirmed death toll to three so far, along with eight people injured.

An army search and rescue team found the body after removing rubble from the roadway, a task that was begun on Saturday but was made significantly more complicated due to the ongoing instability of the ground.

Meanwhile, Red Cross, Civil Defense, Fire Department and police teams are looking for two other people who have been reported missing by their families.

Last Saturday afternoon, as much as 10,000 cubic meters (343,000 cubic feet) of water-soaked earth detached itself from the side of a mountain and slid down onto the road, where buses and automobiles were traveling between the cities of Neiva and San Vicente del Caguan.

The landslide spread over an area some 250 meters (812 feet) in length, and authorities calculate that about seven vehicles must be buried there.

However, according to eyewitnesses, some passengers - including those on board a bus - exited their vehicles when they saw the dirt and rocks start to come down onto the road and they quickly moved to safer ground, no doubt saving themselves from serious injury or worse. EFE