Thousands of people demonstrated pacifically in the principal cities of India to pay tribute to the young girl raped by six men in a New Delhi bus and who died before dawn Saturday in Singapore.

The protests took place in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Bombay, Patna, Calcutta and other cities around the subcontinent, with demonstrators demanding justice and more effective security measures for women, according to several local media.

"We're sad, but we're also mad. When will atrocities like this end? Maybe women aren't human?" Nidhi, a university student, said to the local news agency IANS.

The body of the college student, whose 40-minute gang-rape last Dec. 16 on a bus unleashed a wave of protests in India, was being moved Saturday to New Delhi from Singapore in a plane chartered by the Indian government.

The perpetrators of the crime were arrested, and the girl, who had been taken Wednesday to the Singapore hospital where she eventually died, was suffering, according to the latest medical report, from "infections of the lungs and abdomen, and severe brain damage."

An Indian diplomat said that the girl's parents "hope the death of their daughter will serve to provide a better future for women both in New Delhi and in all of India."

The National Crime Registry Office said that every 20 minutes in 2011 a woman was raped in India, but that in only one out of every four cases was the rapist convicted, according to analysts, who blamed the impunity on "immense corruption" in the police force. EFE