The governor of the Chilean province of Los Andes, Edith Quiroz, has lowered the number of fatalities to four in the collision of a bus and a truck on the route connecting Chile and Argentina through the Los Libertadores mountain pass in the Andes.

At noon Friday reporters were told that five had died and 25 were injured, two of them "very seriously," but later Quiroz said that one person who was presumed dead and taken to a medical center "was finally stabilized."

The four fatalities were the bus and truck drivers, and two workers of the Chilean construction and engineering company SalfaCorp, both of whom were on the bus.

The accident took place at 7:30 a.m. at kilometer 20 (mile 12) of the highway linking Los Andes, Chile, with the Argentine city of Mendoza.

According to police, the truck with an Argentine license plate and loaded with wheat apparently had a brake failure and crashed head-on into the bus full of SalfaCorp workers.

The highway, which at this time of year has more traffic than usual as a result of the Christmas and Southern Hemisphere summer vacation seasons, is the main border gateway between Chile and Argentina. EFE