Spanish police arrested on Thursday the owner of the company behind a giant Halloween party in Madrid that ended with a human stampede resulting in five deaths.

Miguel Angel Flores was detained because of the risk he might flee to avoid prosecution, police sources told Efe.

The tragedy at Madrid Arena provoked a public outcry that has forced the resignation of the city councilman responsible for overseeing the facility and spurred a criminal probe.

Investigators have determined that Flores' company sold 16,791 tickets for the Halloween party, far beyond the occupancy limit of 10,600 people set by the arena management. Another 3,000 or so revelers either snuck in without paying or were admitted as guests of the DJs hired for the bash.

All five of the fatalities were young women, including 20-year-old Maria Teresa Alonso, who passed away at the end of November after spending nearly a month in a coma. EFE