Spanish police arrested 35 people and seized more than 11 tons of hashish, marking one of the biggest blows to traffickers of this drug in the Iberian Peninsula, officials said Wednesday.

The trafficking network operated out of central Spain, smuggling hashish from Morocco into the country and distributing it across Europe, the National Police said.

The suspects - 31 Moroccans, three Spaniards and a Belgian - smuggled the hashish into Spain in fuel trucks, unloading the narcotics at two warehouses in the central province of Toledo.

The trucks were unloaded at the warehouses and then sent back to the North African country to bring back more hashish.

The drugs were cut, hidden in legitimate merchandise and smuggled to different cities in Spain, as well as into the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Britain.

One truck was carrying 1,700 kilos of hashish and 65 kilos of marijuana hidden in a shipment of carrots bound for France and the Netherlands, the National Police said.

The other truck, which was being driven by the Belgian suspect, was hauling 8,500 kilos of drugs stashed in a shipment of luxury clothing bound for Britain.

The anti-drug operation started in March, with different members of the ring arrested and drugs seized during the various phases of the investigation, officials said. EFE