At least nine people were killed by gunmen in El Platanar de los Ontiveros, a town in the northwestern Mexican state of Sinaloa, media reports said.

The town is located in a mountainous area outside the city of La Concordia, whose mayor, Eligio Medina, called on Sinaloa Gov. Mario Lopez Valdes to provide support to the families besieged by violence in the area.

Army troops and Sinaloa Attorney General's Office personnel removed the victims' bodies from the town, Medina said.

El Platanar de los Ontiveros is on the outskirts of the "Gold Triangle," an area dominated by drug cartels operating in Sinaloa, Durango and Chihuahua states.

The gunmen arrived in the town and opened fire indiscriminately on residents on Christmas Eve, Medina said. EFE