Osama bin Laden bribed a land registrar for the permit to build the house in the northern city of Abbottabad where he was killed by U.S. commandos in May 2011, Pakistani daily The News said Wednesday.

Bin Laden paid the registrar 50,000 rupees (about $513), an official speaking on condition of anonymity told the newspaper, citing information found in the late al Qaeda leader's diary.

The registrar was not aware of Bin Laden's true identity, the source told The News.

The U.S. Navy SEALs who killed Bin Laden took tens of thousands of documents from the home in Abbottabad, but they left behind the diary, which was found by Pakistani security forces.

Pakistani authorities leveled the three-story home in February.

Surrounded by cultivated fields, the house was located in the Bilal neighborhood of Abbottabad, about three hours' drive from this capital.

The house, which Bin Laden shared with several wives and around a dozen children, offered a view of Pakistan's main military academy.