Twenty-three students were injured when a driver deliberately drove his vehicle onto the playground at a high school in China's Hebei province, the official Xinhua news agency said Tuesday.

The driver involved in Monday's incident, which took place during the students' lunch break, was apparently under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

While 10 of the students suffered only minor injuries, the other 13 required hospitalization for their injuries, including one who had a skull fracture, local authorities told Xinhua.

The outcome could have been worse, the news agency said, noting that police found a can of gasoline and fireworks inside the vehicle.

Authorities speculated the driver's idea was that the vehicle would explode and destroy the school.

Xinhua identified the driver only as a man "disgusted with society."

It was China's second attack on a school in less than two weeks, following a Dec. 14 episode in which a man stabbed 22 children and an adult at a primary school in Henan province.

The aggressor in that case, 36-year-old Min Yingjun, came unhinged under the influence of rumors that the world was going to end on Dec. 21, police said.

A score of youngsters were killed and 80 others wounded in a wave of attacks on schools and daycare centers in the spring of 2011, spurring a debate in China over school safety and the underlying causes of violence. EFE