Six Turks and a Guatemalan woman who had illegally entered Colombia and were heading for Panama were detained, the navy said Monday.

The foreigners were placed on board the vessel Carol Tatiana and are at the disposal of the authorities after naval operations on the dock at Nuqui, in Choco province, which borders on Panama.

Six of the people who were detained were carrying false documentation saying they were Ecuadorian citizens, but none of them "spoke Spanish," the navy said.

The woman presented a passport indicating that she is a Guatemalan citizen.

The seven people, who entered Colombia from Ecuador, were heading for Panama apparently with the aim of continuing their journey through Central America and ultimately reaching the United States.

The migrants were taken by navy helicopter to Bahia Solano, where they were placed at the disposition of immigration authorities.

So far this year, the Colombian navy has captured 82 illegal migrants, a large number of them from countries such as Cuba and Bangladesh. EFE