A bystander was killed by a truck driver who tried to avoid a mob of looters in northern Argentina, raising the death toll from the wave of looting in the South American country to three, police told Efe on Sunday.

A mob tried to stop a truck Saturday night on the road that runs around San Miguel de Tucuman, but the driver accelerated and swerved, killing a pedestrian who was watching the incident unfold, eyewitnesses told Argentine media outlets.

The truck driver did not stop and sped away from the scene, police said.

Mobs attacked businesses Saturday in downtown San Miguel de Tucuman, causing hundreds of Christmas shoppers to run for their lives.

Police, however, denied that any looting occurred in the city on Saturday.

The trouble began Thursday in the resort city of Bariloche, located 1,563 kilometers (971 miles) southwest of Buenos Aires, where a mob of around 100 people attacked two supermarkets, stealing clothing and appliances.

The looting spread to other cities on Thursday night and Friday, officials said.

At least 292 businesses have been looted in 40 cities across Argentina, the Argentine Confederation of Mid-Sized Businesses said. EFE