Spanish authorities have revoked asylum for a Pakistani citizen, who filmed a defamatory video about Mohammed, for "putting the security of the Spanish state at risk," Interior Ministry officials told Efe on Saturday.

The decision taken late Friday was based on grounds that the Pakistani citizen residing in Spain could be "a threat to state security."

The director of the controversial video, who may appeal the decision, will have to leave Spain, where he has lived legally since Oct. 24, 2006 when he was granted political asylumd, as soon as the revocation is final.

Otherwise he will be detained and expelled, the officials said.

The judge investigating the filming of the controversial video warned the Pakistani citizen that if he should broadcast it on any medium whatsover, he will order his immediate arrest, sources close to the case told Efe.

The judge had charged the Pakistani with the crime of incitement to hatred and religious violence. EFE