Mexico's unemployment rate stood at 5.12 percent in November, up from 4.97 percent in the same month of 2011, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, or INEGI, said Friday.

The country's seasonally adjusted jobless rate was 5.13 percent in November, or 0.19 percentage points higher than the rate in October.

The unemployment rate last month stood at 5.04 percent among men, 0.11 percentage points higher than the rate in November 2011, while joblessness among women climbed by 0.21 percentage points to 5.23 percent.

The underemployed population totaled 7.5 percent of the workforce, down from 9 percent in November of last year.

INEGI regards people over the age of 14 who work at least six hours a week at any type of position as employed.

Of the employed population, 41.8 percent work in the services sector, 19.7 percent in commerce, 15.4 percent in the manufacturing industry, 14.6 percent in agriculture, 7.1 percent in construction and 0.8 percent in other sectors such as mining and utilities.

Roughly seven of 10 workers are salaried employees, 20.1 percent are independent, 6.1 percent are people without a fixed wage who contribute to their family's business or farm and 3.8 percent are employers.

Mexico's gross domestic product climbed 4.2 percent in the first nine months of 2012 relative to the same period of last year due to increased output in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.

According to the latest census, Mexico is home to 112.3 million inhabitants, 52 million of whom live in poverty. EFE