Marines detained 20 suspected criminals in three separate operations in Saltillo, the capital of the northern Mexican state of Coahuila, and seized rifles, ammunition clips and ammunition, the Navy Secretariat said.

The suspects were arrested on Tuesday during operations in the Loma Linda and Mirasierra sections of Saltillo, the secretariat said.

Marines seized 10 rifles, 88 ammunition clips, 3,948 rounds of ammunition, four vehicles and communications equipment in the operations, the secretariat said.

The suspects were handed over to the prosecutor's office in Saltillo.

Coahuila's capital has been at the center of a turf war among the Los Zetas, Gulf and Sinaloa drug cartels in recent years, leading to a spike in violence in the city.

Army troops, marines and Federal Police officers have been deployed in Saltillo in an effort to restore order. EFE