Navy and volunteer divers recovered the bodies of five more people from a shipwreck off Colombia's Pacific coast, raising the death toll from the accident to eight, the navy said.

Fourteen people were rescued and no one is now listed as missing, the navy said in a statement.

The search and rescue operation was launched last Thursday and divers spent more than 30 hours searching for the missing crewmen, the navy said in a statement.

The 22 crewmen of the Claudia Alejandra were sailing from Jurado, a town in Choco province, to Buenaventura, Colombia's main Pacific port, when the vessel went down.

Three bodies were found floating on Friday near Cape Marzo, in Jurado, where the vessel sank.

The coast guard rescued 14 crewmen a few hours later and took them to the town of Bahia Solano, where officials said five crewmen were trapped in the Claudia Alejandra.

The Pacific Naval Force sent a team of divers to work with local fishermen, coast guard personnel, marines and Pacific Naval Air Group aircraft to look for the missing men.

A navy helicopter was sent to transport the remains of the Claudia Alejandra's dead crewmen to Buenaventura. EFE