Six men were shot dead by armed assailants in two separate attacks in this northern Mexican metropolis, capital of the state of Nuevo Leon.

Five people between 30-35 died in the first incident Friday at a home in the Monterrey suburb of Guadalupe, a Nuevo Leon Security Council spokesman told Efe.

Two died inside the residence and three more in the garage, the spokesman said.

Federal and state police were dispatched to the crime scene and forensics personnel from the Nuevo Leon State Investigations Agency cordoned off the area while the evidence was being gathered.

Authorities said the preliminary findings showed a group armed with automatic rifles burst into the house and fired at the people inside before calmly exiting in plain sight of the neighbors.

They added that another man was shot and killed Friday on the staircase of a metro station in downtown Monterrey.

The Nuevo Leon Security Council said that victim of about 35 was shot in the head, chest and abdomen and having been pursued along four streets by the assailants.

Home to many of Mexico's industrial giants, Monterrey long seemed immune to the drug war that claimed some 60,000 lives during the tenure of former President Felipe Calderon, who stepped down earlier this month.

But the metropolis and its suburbs began to experience a spike in drug-related violence in March 2010.

Some 1,370 people were killed in organized crime-related violence in the first 11 months of 2012 in Nuevo Leon, according to figures from the state Attorney General's Office. EFE