At least three people died, five went missing and 14 were rescued after a Colombian-flagged vessel went down in the Pacific Ocean, the Colombian navy said.

The Claudia Alejandra sank Thursday in the Cabo Marzo area off the coast of Choco province, which borders Panama.

The ship was sailing the route between Jurado, Choco, and the port of Buenaventura in the southwestern province of Valle del Cauca.

The three fatalities were crew members of a ship transporting both passengers and cargo.

According to those rescued, at least five people remained trapped in ship at the time of the accident.

The search being carried out by experts of the Colombian navy continued early Saturday with the arrival of deep-sea divers.

To date in 2012, the navy has succeeded in saving 331 shipwrecked people and recovering 43 vessels during search and rescue operations in the Colombian Pacific. EFE