Puerto Ricans are shocked by the death of a man murdered after his killers forced him to withdraw $500 from several ATMs in the San Juan suburb of Caguas.

Every newspaper on the island is carrying on its front page the case of advertising agent Jose Enrique Gomez Saladin, who disappeared last Thursday night after taking part in a business meeting in the capital's Condado district.

Gomez Saladin was killed, according to preliminary reports, in the wee hours of Friday, shortly after being kidnapped and forced to withdraw cash from several ATMs.

Police Col. Leovigildo Vazquez reported Tuesday that two suspects are being questioned in connection with the man's murder.

He said that there are two additional suspects who are being sought by police and, according to media accounts, they may be women who possibly tricked the victim in some way.

Vazquez emphasized the importance of the wide distribution of the photograph of the first suspect, which was taken by an ATM security camera.

It was the mother of the criminal who was photographed who turned her own son in to authorities.

Gomez Saladin's body was found after one of the two suspects in his disappearance confessed.

It is expected that on Tuesday San Juan district attorney Jose Capo will meet with FBI agents to determine if the case will be handed over to the federal bureau.

The death of Gomez Saladin and the murder of retired boxing champion Hector "Macho" Camacho a little over a week ago have once again brought the problem of violence on the streets of the Caribbean island to the forefront of public discussion.

The United Nations in 2011 published a study on homicides around the world that said Puerto Rico has a murder rate of 30.5 per 100,000 residents, compared to approximately 5 per 100,000 for the United States. EFE