Energy officials from Central America met on Tuesday in this capital to study the use of ethanol as an alternative to fuels derived from crude oil.

The coordinator of the Energy Unit within the Central American Integration System, or SICA, Jorge Vasquez, said during the opening of the forum that ethanol is one of three "project profiles" that the member countries are interested in promoting.

"They are regional projects: validating the use of bioethanol, the sustainable use of wood and saving fuel in public transport," he said.

The proposal is for ethanol to be used, at first, in the fleet of vehicles in the several countries' energy ministries to get a diagnosis about performance, the SICA official said.

SICA also aspires to implement a project to distribute up to one million efficient stoves in Central America by 2020 to create an impact on the consumption of wood, Vasquez said, adding that nothing has been put forward in this area yet.

The saving of fuel in public transport is another plan that still has not gotten to SICA's project phase, although it is in discussion, he said. EFE