Meet Miss Bumbum 2012: The Best Butt in Brazil

Published December 03, 2012

| Fox News Latino

Miss Bumbum is a serious competition in Brazil.

Carine Felizardo, 25, was crowned this year's Miss Bumbum - Portuguese slang for buttocks.

A shapely blonde model from northern Brazil has won the different kind of beauty pageant late Friday night. 

A 10-person jury decided Felizardo had Brazil's best-shaped and sexiest derriere.

Wearing a skimpy white string bikini and a golden sash with "Miss Bumbum 2012" in green letters, Felizardo told the audience: "Working out at the gym for 10 years has paid off."

"I feel fully realized. I really did not expect to win. It is a dream come true," she said.

Felizardo was one of 15 finalists chosen through online voting among 27 contestants representing each of Brazil's states. She won a top prize of 5,000 reals ($2,500).

“I am very proud of my bumbum (as Brazilians call the backside), proud to represent the Brazilian woman,” she said, according to AFP.

“I think that the tropical climate, the carnival and all this racial mixing gives the Brazilian woman a unique biotype on the planet,” pageant organizer Cacau Oliver, a well-known female beauty spotter, told AFP in October.

“The Brazilian woman’s derriere is a part of the body that the whole world admires and the contest just reaffirms this,” he added.

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