CNN increases its programming for the U.S. Hispanic audience with the launch in late January of CNN Latino, a content service designed with broadcast stations in mind.

"CNN Latino is a channel of variety shows and news programs, a channel that goes beyond just broadcasting the news," Cynthia Hudson, executive vice president and general manager of CNN en Español, told Efe.

She said CNN Latino will premier late next month on KBEH-DT Channel 63 in Los Angeles, reaching 14 million people with eight hours per day of news and other programming.

Hudson said CNN en Español and CNN Latino complement each other, since the first is a cable news channel, while the second will be an open network serving "the tremendous growth of the Latino market, especially in purchasing power."

She recalled that the U.S. Hispanic community represents the second largest Spanish-speaking market in the world after Mexico, and in terms of purchasing power is bigger than Brazil, Russia, India or China, the four largest emerging markets in the world.

CNN Latino content will be made up of CNN news and lifestyle programs, documentaries, interviews and discussions as an alternative to the traditional Hispanic channels based on "very typical canned shows like telenovelas, series, movies and variety acts."

"CNN Latino is a chance to offer an alternative featuring current events, discussions, magazines and news, without falling into the repititious news cycle," Hudson said.

The plan calls for CNN Latino to line up local stations over the next four years with the goal of reaching 65 percent of Hispanic homes.

This growth plan, like those used by Fox and Telemundo when they started, will have them negotiating with many channels seeking "attractive prime time content," Hudson said.

The executive said the programming seeks to help Hispanics "achieve the American dream" with shows that bring them "help, information, examples and aspirations." EFE