A young Tibetan burned himself alive in the western Chinese province of Gansu, raising the number of such cases to 29 in less than a month, Phayul, the Tibetan news agency in exile, said.

Sungdue Kyab tried to immolate himself Sunday on one of the main streets of Bora city near a Buddhist monastery.

He set himself on fire to protest the oppression of communist authorities in Tibet and calling for the return of the Tibetans' exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.

For now Sungdue's physical condition is unknown, though it is thought he could have survived.

According to Phayul, soon after Sungdue set himself ablaze, Chinese authorities arrived on the scene, put out the flames covering his body and rushed him to hospital.

After the event, other Tibetans in the municipality tried to get to the hospital where he was taken, but were stopped by Chinese authorities.

Phayul noted that the situation in Bora is tense and that all lines of communications have been blocked.

The wave of immolations began at about the same time as last month's 28th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, which concluded with the naming of the new leadership team.

Exile organizations and human rights watchdogs are asking Beijing to pay attention to Tibetans' demands, while the communist regime accuses the Dalai Lama of encouraging the immolations.

China has considered Tibet part of its territory for centuries, though exiled Tibetans say the "Roof of the World" was effectively independent until it was occupied by the Red Army in the early 1950s. EFE