At least seven people died Sunday when a car bomb exploded in the central Syrian city of Homs, according to groups opposing the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

The Syrian Human Rights Observatory said in a communique that the vehicle blew up in the Al-Malaa al-Baladi neighborhood.

The bomb caused great destruction, judging from a video released by opposition forces. A large number of people were injured in the blast, some of them seriously, and the Observatory said the death toll could go higher.

Meanwhile, opposition activists with the General Committee of the Syrian Revolution said that eight people had been killed, among them at least three children and a woman.

This group accused the Syrian security forces loyal to Al-Assad of planting the bomb, as Homs activist Sufian al-Homsi also told Efe via email.

Al-Homsi said that the Al-Malaa al-Baladi neighborhood is presently surrounded by security forces, who have set up blockades to control access in and out.

Therefore, he said, it is impossible that the vehicle could enter the area without the security forces having checked it out and passed it through.

Car bomb attacks are becoming more and more frequent in Syria, although the majority of them so far have occurred in Damascus and the surrounding towns.

Syrian authorities blame this type of attack on "terrorist groups," as the regime refers to the opposition forces.

Violence has surged in Syria amid the paralysis among mediating politicians, who have not managed to bring the internal conflict, which broke out in March 2011 and has devolved into an extremely bloody civil war, to a conclusion. EFE