FX television and Shine America are in El Paso to film the pilot for a series about the reality of the border zone starring Mexican actor Demian Bichir, who was nominated for an Oscar for the film "A Better Life."

In the first episode of "The Bridge," writers and producers Elwood Reid and Meredith Stiem portray the collaboration between Mexican and U.S. police officers to identify a serial killer operating on both sides of the border.

The pilot tells of finding a body in the middle of an international crossing bridge, a discovery that causes the police from both countries to join forces to investigate the murder.

Bichir told Efe during a break in filming that when he read the script he had no doubts about accepting it because he liked both the story and the characters.

He said that the border zone is familiar to him and added that he knows the problems associated with violence there, violence that has increased since 2008, but it's also a place he visits sometimes with his family "because the people there are nice."

Reid said he was an admirer of the Mexican actor's work and added that the writers had thought about him ever since they began crafting the character of Mexican police commander Marco Ruiz, an upright family man.

"Demian is a warm-hearted, intense actor and his deep understanding of Mexico is an enormous advantage for this series," Reid said. 

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