Twenty-three people were killed and 72 others wounded Tuesday in attacks on Shi'ite Muslims in Baghdad, Iraqi police sources told Efe.

One assault took place near the Al Zahra mosque in the Shi'ite neighborhood of Al Shola, where an explosion left eight dead and 21 wounded, some of them seriously.

The blast also destroyed vehicles and buildings.

Ten died in a car-bomb attack near the Ali Bash mosque, while 32 people were injured.

A third bombing, also targeting a Shi'ite mosque, resulted in five fatalities and left a score of people wounded.

The attacks in Baghdad came two days after millions of people across Iraq - including many foreign pilgrims - marked the Shi'ite religious holiday of Ashura.

Iraq has seen a resurgence in violence against the country's Shi'ite majority and the security forces since the withdrawal of U.S. troops nearly a year ago. EFE