Several thousand workers in Bangladesh's textile sector demonstrated Monday on the outskirts of the country's capital in protest against a factory fire that took 111 lives.

A second fire was reported Monday morning in another clothing factory in Dhaka, though as yet no deaths have been reported.

The demonstrators demanded punishment for those responsible for last weekend's fire, and authorities had to block traffic on the highway from suburban Ashulia to Dhaka to make way for their march, according to police officials cited by The Daily Star.

Most of Ashulia's textile factories have closed their doors amid the massive deployment of police seeking to prevent violence.

The workers demand to know the causes of the fire that broke out Saturday night at the eight-story Tazreen Fashion factory in the export processing zone outside Dhaka.

Upon arriving at the scene, firefighters found the bodies of nine people who had thrown themselves out of windows to escape the flames, but once inside the building they found another 102 dead, victims of suffocation or burns.

Some survivors complained that, even though the factory had an emergency exit, they couldn't use it because no one ever told them how to open it. EFE