Environmental group Greenpeace said during a presentation in Mexico City over the weekend that it was not opposed to industry, but it was against production methods that generate pollution in communities near factories.

"We do not have a position per se against industry nor production processes, but these processes have to be clean, with a minimal impact on the environment, and we believe that can be achieved," Greenpeace Mexico director of campaigns Gustavo Ampugnani told Efe on Sunday.

The environmental group is in the middle of a campaign to denounce river pollution around the world caused by industrial plants, many of them textile companies that supply major brands.

These factories dump toxic substances indiscriminately in waterways in some countries where there is limited regulation.

"What we are asking these companies to do is to invest in clean production methods, to work with their suppliers to replace the toxic chemical substances that have an impact on the environment and on the health of people today," Ampugnani said.

Greenpeace has just released a documentary directed by Mexican filmmaker Eugenio Polgolvsky as part of the river campaign.

The documentary, titled "Un salto de vida," tells the story of a family that decided to fight industrial pollution in the communities located along the Santiago River in the western Mexican state of Jalisco, where factories have polluted the waterway. EFE