The ETA terrorist organization published Saturday a communique seeking negotiations with the Spanish government on the return prisoners and members of the group in exile, as well as on disarmament, the dissolution of the organization and the "demilitarization" of Euskal Herria (the Basque Country) with the consequent reduction of armed forces in the region.

In the communique, which will be published Sunday in the Basque daily Gara, the usual media outlet for the terrorist organization, ETA proposes a dialogue on "formulas and timing" for "bringing home all prisoners and exiles," the disarmament, dissolution and "disbanding" of the group and the "demilitarization of the Basque region."

The terrorist band said the governments of Spain and France have "perfect understanding" of its "willingness and commitment," and considers that an accord of this kind "would bring the definitive end to the armed confrontation."

ETA expressed its concern about the "regression" that has occurred since it announced an end to its operations just over a year ago.

The last communique issued by ETA was last July, when it ratified the end of its armed activities and accused the Spanish and French governments of having "an anti-peace agenda" because "they not only reject any dialogue, but have kept up a strategy of paralyzing and impeding the process."

In light of that situation, the terrorist group considers Basque society in northern Spain "strong enough to break this blockade" and asks the international community to "persevere in its efforts to achieve a solution."

The Spanish government, through its Interior Ministry, said that the only communique it awaits is one announcing the definitive dissolution of ETA. EFE