Spanish-Mexican citizen Estibaliz Carranza was sentenced Thursday to life behind bars for the murder of her ex-husband in 2008 and then killing her boyfriend in 2010, both of whom she cut into pieces, which she then hid in a freezer in the basement of the ice cream parlor she ran in Vienna.

The verdict was announced by a jury in the Vienna Provincial Court after a four-day trial that began with the accused acknowledging that she had committed the two murders.

The sentence of life in prison handed down by the female judge in the case includes incarceration in a facility for criminals with mental problems, given that the psychological analysis performed on the woman found that, although she was responsible for her actions, Carranza suffers from a serious personality disorder.

In her final words to the court before the jury withdrew to deliberate her fate, Carranza said amid sobs that she regretted having killed the two men.

Prosecutors described her as a cold and manipulative person who was motivated to act by selfishness and economic interests.

As she admitted in court, in November 2008 she fatally shot her former husband, a German citizen with whom she was living and sharing the management of the ice cream parlor, in the back.

Two years later, Carranza shot her new boyfriend to death when she learned - she said - that he was being unfaithful, didn't want to start a family with her but also didn't want "to let her go."

After hearing the verdict without showing any apparent emotion, Carranza consulted with her attorneys and announced that she would appeal, according to Austria's Apa news agency. EFE