Moms in Spain Strip to Raise Money for School Bus

Published November 21, 2012


A group of mothers at a school in eastern Spain has decided to appear nude in an erotic calendar with the aim of collecting the 43,000 euros ($55,000) needed to restore school transportation services for their children.

"I'll do anything for my child and if I have to undress, because in Spain it seems that that's what has to be done to get attention, I'll do it," Maria Gilabert, one of the mothers of students at the Evaristo Calatayud school in Montserrat, told Efe.

The problem, the mothers say, is that the 80 students at the school have had their school transportation taken away by decision of the regional authorities, and they say that their kids have to walk 6 kilometers (3.72 miles) over unpaved roads to get to class.

"My case is especially complicated because I don't have a driver's license or a car" to take her child to school, said Gilabert.

And then somebody got the idea of the calendar, just like firefighters or police officers have already done to raise money for good causes.

The mothers, most of whom are young, are posing for the calendar inside bus stop shelters or next to the steep embankments of the town with the objective of denouncing the difficulties they are having with their children's school transportation.

"Next year we'll see what we'll do, whether the husbands have to get naked," said another of the mothers, Yolanda Peiro.

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