Lawyers for the family of a Mexican teen fatally shot by a U.S. Border Patrol agent in June 2010 refuted on Tuesday the version of the case that the boy hurled rocks at the American.

U.S. law firm Hilliard & Shadowen announced in a communique that it had managed to assemble several videos taped on cell phones and monitoring cameras that show Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca, 14, did not throw any rocks at U.S. agents, despite U.S. claims to the contrary.

The attorneys said that the U.S. Justice Department acknowledged, based on this evidence, that the young man did not throw a single stone.

The Border Patrol agent who fired shots during the June 7, 2010, incident along the Rio Grande between Juarez and El Paso, Texas, has been identified as Jesus Mesa.

While on patrol, the agent came upon a group of youths who had crossed the international border and approached the metallic fence running along the frontier.

Mesa confronted the group and trapped one of the young men, while the others ran back to the Mexican side to get away, whereupon the agent fired his weapon several times at the group.

Hernandez, who was in Mexican territory at the time, was hit twice, one of the bullets striking him in the head.

The parents of the young man sued Mesa and other Border Patrol officials in U.S. federal court, but the suits were dismissed.

Hilliard & Shadowen has filed a new lawsuit in a U.S. appellate court claiming that the shots fired by the Border Patrol officer were unjustified. EFE