A dual Spanish-Mexican citizen accused of killing and dismembering her ex-husband and a former boyfriend in Austria pleaded guilty here Monday on the opening day of her trial.

Estibaliz Carranza, 34, admitted cutting up the bodies and covering them with cement in two freezers that she hid in the basement of the ice cream parlor she ran in Vienna.

Prosecutors describe her as a cold and manipulative person who was motivated to act by selfishness and economic interests.

"She was capable of distinguishing between good and bad," said prosecutor Petra Freh.

The psychological examination determined that Carranza is criminally responsible for her actions, and she has been diagnosed with assorted behavior disorders that could lead her to commit violent acts once again.

Defense counsel Rudolf Mayer insisted that his client is a "person with a serious disorder."

Carranza said that her life had been an accumulation of bad experiences and disappointments: a tight family budget, an authoritarian father, broken emotional relationships and men who dominated and humiliated her.

As she admitted on Monday, in November 2008 she fatally shot her former husband, a German citizen with whom she was living and sharing the management of the ice cream parlor, in the back.

Two years later, Carranza shot her new boyfriend to death when she learned - she said - that he was being unfaithful, didn't want to start a family with her but also didn't want "to let her go."

"Now I'm realizing what I did and that there were thousands of better options than what I did," said the woman.

Carranza could be sentenced to life in prison and prosecutors have asked that she be placed in a facility for offenders with psychological problems. EFE